Pele, The Volcano Goddess (Coloring Book)

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Pele the Volcano Goddess is an adult coloring book in which Varez retells 24 legends of Madame Pele and illustrates each with an intricate black-and-white block print, leaving all the space between the lines for the readers to fill.

 Coloring books for adults have become a popular fad in the past couple of years—but Pele the Volcano Goddess is uniquely Hawaiian, both in its content and in Varez’ unique style.

“I’d heard that they are very popular, even among adults,” he recounted. “I thought, this might be a good thing to try. I’ve been entranced and enchanted by Madame Pele and I thought this would be just the right subject for a coloring book….”

Varez already had the perfect technique for creating such a book. He’s been working for decades with complex block prints whose templates are carefully hand-carved out of linoleum. Linoleum is probably best known for its use in 1950s and ’60s’ vintage flooring. It’s not easy to get these days—Varez has to get it from a factory in his native Germany—but it allows him to carve his master plates with incredible precision, creating lines so thin they could have been drawn with a fine-point pen.  “I can get all the detailing out of it that I want.”

Each illustration page contains scores of such lines, creating the picture’s intricate outline.  This isn’t a coloring book you can do with Crayolas; it requires fine markers, or pencils, a good eye, and patience.

This beautiful A4 size (8.268" x 11.693") coloring book is created from 24 blockprint illustrations by cherished artist Dietrich Varez, inspired by Pele, The Volcano Goddess.

As you, the coloring book artist add your pencil or pen strokes, our wish is that you are inspired as well with the leading tales and characters of the Pele mythology.

Published in Volcano by The Magic Mo, Pele the Volcano Goddess is available at the Hawai‘i Pacific Parks stores inside Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park, Basically Books in Hilo, The Harbor Gallery in Kamuela, Koke‘e Museum on Kaua’i and right here!


Pelehonuamea (Pele), the creator of the Hawaiian Islands is known by many names. Names which describe her elemental forms; Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and the deity of volcanic forces.

Pele resides in Halema‘uma‘u Crater, located within the much larger summit caldera of Kilauea on the island of Hawai‘i.

The intent of this coloring book is to introduce and inspire you with the leading tales and variety of characters of the Pele mythology, offered here by way of blockprint images.

Because the artwork takes the primary position of familiarizing you with each story, a deeper and greater retention of these Hawaiian myths and legends is achieved.

To read these captivating stories in further detail I highly recommend, Selections from Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes by William D. Westervelt.

D. Varez, 2016

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