About The Magic Mo

Screwdriver and box cutter in hand, on a day somewhere in or around 1995 Karen opened a very BIG box which held her first large format printer. It was love at first sight. The entire process of creating images from original artwork provided great pleasure. She got pretty darn good at it. In addition, she became accustomed to working with some of the very best artists in the state.

Karen Ez, currently designs, develops and distributes a variety of print products throughout the state of Hawai’i.

Prior to mastering fine art reproduction techniques, Karen opened and operated PostNet until 2002, where she won awards for technology and achievement including “Franchisee of the Year.

Bringing vision, entrepreneurial experience and business acumen Karen is an asset to developing "made in Hawai'i" print products.

"It has been extremely satisfying working with artists close to my heart for so many years. This love endures for all time."


"Karen, I am so grateful and honored to have worked with you through all these years. You have always been there for me. What would I have done without you?" -Dietrich Varez, July 2018
 "John always and enthusiastically tells people that he/we recommend you for any fine art printing. We think you are a creative genius!!!" -Kathie Dawson (Dawson and Dawson Illustration)
"Karen is truly a master - she painstakingly works with the colors of my originals to produce the best quality giclées for your home or office!" -Marian Berger, Fine Artist
"Karen is truly an artist and innovator who obviously loves her business and has all the tools to create the highest quality fine art reproductions available, and much more!" -Margaret Stanton, Fine Artist
"The Magic Mo scans my paintings and does the printing of my giclée prints. There are a lot of people making giclée prints but she is the best for quality and service that I've ever come across." -(the late) Herb Kane