What was Dietrich's favorite thing to say when someone purchased his work?

"You have great taste in art!"

 Which artist influenced Dietrich as a child?

Albrecht Dürer (1471-1490)

What is my Varez "original" blockprint or screenprint worth?

We get asked this often! Typically, someone has owned a print since the '70's or '80's, or, it has been handed down to them and they wonder what the value is. The Magic Mo is not qualified to act as an art appraiser, so we really have no answer to this question. We can only suggest that you read through the articles about Dietrich, understand that he had been reproducing screenprints for decades. Many times his dated prints can be found on ebay and other similar sources; check there to research what similar prints are selling for, or, check with an art appraiser.

How did Dietrich get his web page?

"I have been greatly blessed to have worked with Dietrich for twenty-three years, loving both the man and his body of work. Originally Dietrich came into my shop (mid-90's) with his Oil Painting "Maui Slowing the Sun" because he heard I had a system of scanning full size paintings into something called a computer which could then print his image out on paper or canvas. Over 200 paintings and years later, our beloved Dietrich Varez continued to work with this computer geek. Skills and technology have improved since the 90's, our fine art printers are amazing. Printing Dietrich's images never gets old ... working with every piece is a gigantic treat!" -Karen Ez, The Magic Mo